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Personal Trainer - Faro

If you are looking for a Personal Trainer in Faro (Faro, Algarve) our Gym is the ideal place for you.

To lose weight

Our team of Personal Trainers is prepared to give you the best workouts to increase your metabolism and burn more calories.


Lose weight in a smarter and healthier way through the monitoring of our professionals. 

tone up

Do you want to tone your body for the summer? Join our Toning plan with a Personal Trainer  of your choice.


Get a slimmer waist and feel your belly, legs, buttocks and arms look firmer. Get back to your best shape ever!


Do you ever experience back pain? Do your joints feel more unstable? Or do you want to recover from an old injury?


Our team of Personal Trainers are specialists in motor rehabilitation.


Eliminate your pain and live with more quality.

Motivation and Commitment

Our Personal Trainers are prepared to constantly motivate you and take you to the next level.


Get the help you need and feel the constant challenge of overcoming yourself.

Start your change today.

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